Deciding to build a custom home takes a lot of planning and consideration, in large part because there are so many styles and plans to choose from. Working with the right general contractor is a must, especially when it comes to settling on the materials used to build your home. For example, log homes are very popular in Western North Carolina. But is a log cabin right for you? Here’s some advice from Southern Quality Company.


The primary concern of most people who are considering a log home is the upkeep. The good news is that log cabins are relatively easy to maintain. As long as you work with a reputable log cabin builder, the wood used should be durable. If you do need maintenance or repairs, call professionals who know how to perform the work while keeping the integrity of the home.

Efficiency Ratings

You may think that log cabins are drafty. But today’s log homes couldn’t be more different. These houses are considered to be very energy efficient when they’re built with care and attention. Installing the right air conditioning and heating system matters, too.


The building materials used in log cabins are more affordable than you might expect. For example, split white pine is available at a relatively low cost and is very durable. Plus, the wood naturally provides insulation, making them perfect for chilly mountain weather.


Log cabin homes provide natural beauty, not to mention a comfy, cozy feeling. Homeowners will have a timeless look that blends well with the natural environment of places like Brevard, NC.

If you’re interested in building a log cabin, call Southern Quality Company today to learn about the process and to explore your options.