Gutters are one of the most important systems in your home. If they aren’t functioning properly, an excess buildup of water can cause damage to your roof. That leads to leaks in your home and potentially expensive roofing repairs. That’s why keeping an eye on your gutters can save you big money and help you avoid headaches. Today’s gutters are better than ever before, especially seamless gutters.

Seamless gutters are molded out of aluminum. A contractor will measure your home and produce a single piece of guttering instead of attaching sections together. This means you’re truly getting a custom gutter solution that’s tailor-made for your roof.

Here are three benefits of choosing seamless gutters for your home.

  1. They’re easier to clean. Even the best gutters won’t work properly if they’re full of leaves and other debris. Seamed versions have ridges at the bottom that make it easier for debris to pile up and block your gutters. Eliminate the seams and you’ll greatly reduce the buildup of leaves.
  2. You’ll reduce the chance of leaks. Seams are the weak points of any gutter installation. Even though contractors will do their very best to create a secure bond between sections with sealant, this will erode over time. When you eliminate the seams, you eliminate the opportunity for leaks to form. (It’s important to note that seams are required for the corners of your home. However, there are still far fewer of them than with traditional gutters.)
  3. They look better. Of course, function is more important than appearance when it comes to your gutters. However, seamless gutters do tend to have a cleaner look. That’s because there aren’t sections that need to be joined together.

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